Solid State cooling to revolutionise the CPU cooling world?

Phononic have announced their HEX 1.0 cooler featuring Silvercore Solid State cooling which promises to revolutionise the CPU cooling world…


Apparently the HEX 1.0 can happily keep up with and beat high-end air and AIO watercooling solutions thanks to its Solid State cooling (from what I can see, it’s like old-school Peltier cooling, but is probably a lot more advanced), but only packs an 80mm fan. There’s an electronic control board which uses one of your spare blanking plate brackets (but doesn’t use one of your PCIe slots) to help with all its magic.

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If you’d like an HEX 1.0 for under $100 check out the Indiegogo campaign here –  they only ship to the United States, though. That’s a real shame.


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