SOLVED! – “android.process.acore has stopped” on Cyanogenmod


Had an interest in technology all my life. Network Manager by day; Techspert, husband and daddy by night/weekend. Currently the proud owner of a Huawei P20 Pro paired with a Huawei Watch 2, HTPC hooked up to the telly and Android tablets everywhere.

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  1. You saved me. I was halfway to taking some drastic measures when I found your post. Don’t know why the Google app of all things was the cause of the issue, but after freezing and unfreezing it, everything seems to have settled down. Weird as heck, but way better than having to flash a ROM.

    I can finally go to bed now XD

  2. Prashil says:

    Uninstalling Google Messenger App solved the issue.

    I got the issue all of sudden, the process android.process.acore kept crashing every 1 second. I was on Oxygen OS on OnePlus1

  3. Carmen Young says:

    I encountered this issue today. It appeared it started when I installed twitter on my Windows 10 PC while having it open on my phone. After deleting my google account, clearing the contacts cache & data and contacts storage cache and data. I then deleted Twitter, Facebook and FB Messenger. After many rounds of reinstalling my google account (luckily I sync my phoe contacts with my google account), and the social media apps in different sequences, I came to find that it was actually the Facebook Messenger app. I disabled the sync contacts in the app and the error no longer appeared.

  4. Catherine Trudel says:

    My man you are a life saver, I had the same problem and in the end it was facebook that was messing everything up. Strangely the problem started when facebook messenger tried to take over all messaging and phone duties (and I said “no”). I’m going to stick with the lite version.

  5. David L Kline says:

    It was the Google app for me. Uninstalled it. Phone back to perfect. Hanging on to OPO for a while longer.

  6. Mac says:

    as said previous comments, I have on my way to take drastic measures… and this simple solution worked. Why kill a fly with canon…
    Thanks and cheers

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