Pebble announce the Time Steel and tell us more about Smartstraps

Earlier today the KickStarter campaign currently running its course by Pebble announces another new smartwatch – the Pebble Time Steel.


Following on from the Pebble Steel, this watch is designed more for the business user. Here are the differences:

  • Delicately crafted, CNC-finished 316L stainless steel case
  • Larger battery, up to 10 days of normal use
  • Same color e-paper display, now bonded directly to the top lens
  • Available in Gunmetal Black, Silver Stainless, and Gold
  • Includes two straps: fine leather and stainless steel

If you’ve backed the campaign you can change your reward to the Tim Steel. You can currently grab one for $250 and will receive it in July (fingers crossed).

More information also came out about the new Pebble Time supported Smartstraps. These are straps that will replace your current one, but have some kind of tech in them. From the KickStarter page:

We believe your smartwatch should help you accomplish more every day.

When we started Pebble, we opened up the platform and invited the software developer community to build remarkable experiences for Pebblers everywhere.

Looking at all the amazing things our developers have created over the last 2 years, we decided to open the platform once more…only this time, for hardware developers.

Have you ever wanted to go for a run without your phone and still track your speed and distance? How about a Pebble watch with a battery life of more than a week? What about a NFC chip for payments, keyless car remote, or a pollution sensor?

Rather than trying to shove every sensor and doohickey into the Pebble Time, we decided to keep the watch simple and functional and give our incredible maker and developer community the opportunity to build from there. Up until now, if you wanted it all you had to compromise…on battery life, size, design or feature set. Not anymore.

That’s why we created Pebble smartstraps. It’s simple: straps can now contain electronics and sensors to interface directly with apps running on Pebble Time.

There’s still 24 days to go in the campaign and I’m sure there’ll be some more surprises in store. Keep your eye on the KickStarter page!


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