PCPartPicker has a massive UI overhaul

I love PCPartPicker. Since I discovered it a year or two ago, I’ve used it pretty much every time I wanted to check prices for certain parts, every time I wanted to try out a system configuration, wanted inspiration for builds, etc. We’ve done a few build guides using it, too (here, here and here)

A few days ago PCPartPicker received a massive UI overhaul, and it looks gorgeous:


PCPartPicker’s new look

There was nothing wrong with the old site, but this one is a breath of fresh air. Here’s the “changelog” from their post about the change:

  • Site look and feel: First and foremost, you’ll notice a massive change in the appearance of the site. This is the first fruit of bringing on board our design lead Phil Coffman.
  • Site performance: We massively improved the performance of part selection pages. You should notice a difference immediately. We made not just the backend server processing but also the page load and rendering times significantly.
  • Part sorting: Part categories are now default sorted by popularity. We aggregate a significant amount of usage data that we then use to determine this ordering. What you’ll find is that the parts you most commonly want will be right at the top (or close). We’ve been doing this on the mobile version since its release last May and decided to roll it out to the desktop version as well.
  • Part price filter: You’ve been asking for this for a while, and we heard you! You can now filter parts, completed builds, and build guides by price.
  • Build guides: Up until now only staff could publish PCPartPicker build guides. We’ve opened it up now so that anyone can create and publish a guide. You can also view other guides, as well as vote and comment on them. Feel like you have the best idea for an Intel or AMD based build? Create your guide!
  • User avatars: On comments and user pages, you can now have your own avatar. Just go to your profile page and upload your own profile image.
  • Build tags: Initially just for build guides, we’ll be rolling out tagging support for completed builds soon too.
  • Sortable saved builds: We’ve totally revamped how saved and completed builds are displayed in your profile. You can now easily sort saved builds, completed builds, and your build guides. We have a few more improvements slated for this area, so stay tuned!
  • Ability to reorder completed build images: Now you can reorder your completed build images however you would like. We’ll pull the first three images in the set and use those for the thumbnails when viewing the list of completed builds.

Go and have a look for yourself. Love it.




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