Pebble Time – the new smartwatch to own?

I own a Pebble Steel, so I was mighty excited about the announcement by Pebble today – a new smartwatch called Pebble Time.


The differences between Pebble Time and Pebble steel are as follows:

  • Colour e-paper screen (64 colours)
  • Microphone to send short voice replies to notifications and take notes
  • 20% thinner (9.5mm)
  • Silicone band, but is compatible with all 22mm bands and uses a quick release pin
  • Smart accessory port (allowing developers to create extra sensors, smart straps,etc)
  • Timeline view:
Pebble Timeline

How Pebble Time’s new Timeline view works

Timeline will be ported over to Pebble and Pebble steel in the future. Seems like a really good use of the buttons to me! Pebble Time will be compatible with all of the current Pebble apps and watchfaces. It will work on both iOS and Android, with Android having better support for the voice functions.

The campaign launched on Kickstarter at 3pm GMT and set the bar at $500,000 – currently, as I write this (3 hours later), it has already been smashed and is at $4,325,765! Head on over there and bag yourself a Pebble Time (released in May 2015)



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